Emergency Tips for Water Damage Incidents

Water damage incidents are something that can be very unpredictable. But being ready during incidents like this, can save you from further damage.

Here are some of the tips during water damage incidents:
  • Avoid Electrocution by shutting off power to places that are affected by flood.
  • Prevent the water from overflowing by shutting off the source of water that brings flood.
  • Call for assistance or help immediately. The longer you wait for someone to help you, the more damage will be produced by flood.
  • Ensure protection and safety of all your furnishings.
  • Using large bath towels, mop out as much water as possible.
  • Remove excess moisture from furniture.
  • Prop up cushions that are wet for even drying.
  • Take all drapes off the floor and hang them from curtain rods.
  • Take away wet rugs and furnishings from the floor.
  • Transfer all valuable objects to a safe place.
  • Avoid staying in a room where the ceiling is drooping.
  • Open all doors and drawers to allow air circulation.


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