Flood: Causes and Warnings

A lot of factors may be attributed to flooding and which some of them may be natural while some are caused by human beings. The different natural factors that bring about flood are mostly weather-related including but not limited to melting snow, heavy rains, and storms that happens for only a short period. Severe cases of weather can also result to flooding due to water that overflows from oceans, rivers, and other bodies of water. Another natural factor that can cause flooding is the tsunami which happens every time there is a strong earthquake or volcanic heating that leads to snowmelt.

Man-made causes of flooding are broken pipes which happen because of incorrect installation or improper maintenance by authorities, sewer malfunctions, and clogged drainage. However, the most common cause of major flooding by human doings is the broken dam.

Having the knowledge of the correct process and factors that cause flood, you can help protect yourself and your home from any untoward incidents or damages.


Floods happen without any prior warning. Such cases always come as a surprise to many residents. Indeed flooding is one of the greatest disasters that can transpire to a particular place. Agencies – both environmental and federal – are finding ways on they will be able to deliver flood warnings to people in the earliest time possible.

Flooding is a very serious threat to the environment and flood warnings are constantly receiving much attention and are broadly disseminated all throughout mass media or local media. Therefore, it is important to ensure that all media lines are accessible, particularly to those people living near the coastal areas or areas that are usually prone to tsunamis and earthquakes.


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