Restoring Carpet after Water Damage

Floods due to heavy downpour or leaks can cause a lot of heartaches to everyone in the household mainly because most of the time, it is always something that is very difficult to deal with. Nevertheless, by following these simple tips, you can bring back the beauty of your home.

Normally, right after a devastating flood, one of the things that household members would do is to save any carpeting. If there is damage, the very thing that needs to be done is to search for the source of leaks or flood. It should be noted that water from pipes does not cause great destruction to carpets as compared to water from toilets or any other sources that has contaminated water.

The moment you realize what is wrong with the house carpets, you can easily prevent water from flowing to avoid further damage. Getting the assistance of a plumber is also very important.

Next step to be done is to take away any furniture that is still on the carpet. Furthermore, the area soaked in water must be scrubbed using a cleaning solution to sanitize it. Other wet areas should also be opened up to allow drying using big fans. This should be kept on for at least two days to make sure that the drying process is complete. Using a dehumidifier can also speed up the whole process.

Cleaning up is very important. Failure to clean after twelve hours can trigger the growth of molds particularly in damp areas. To avoid such occurrence, it is important to throw away the carpet.

Never leave your cleaning up work half-done as this can only result to development of breeding ground for various bacteria. If you ever find the task too difficult, it is best to hire the service of a professional. If in case you could no longer restore the beauty of your carpet, replace it with a new one.


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