Three Primary Categories of Water Damage

Surveys conducted by various industries have projected that every homeowner are likely to encounter at least one water loss in their life existence. As such, majority of homeowners are glad to have someone visit and teach them how to manage such problem with greater confidence.

Water loss or water damage can be classified into three primary categories namely clean water loss, gray water loss, and the black water loss.
  • Clean water loss happens when a piper hot water heater breaks thereby spilling water all over the property. 
  • Gray water loss happens when clean water has saturated into man-made objects. 
  • The black water loss is the third most damaging category. In black water loss, floods that happen at home or in a business property calls for a major decontamination or clean up.
By knowing the three primary categories of water loss or water damage, one will be able to know how to respond to the problem at hand. Each category of water loss or water damage are handled differently. Clean water loss can create damage but not as severe as the damage that a black water loss can form.


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