Tips for Cleaning Water Damage

One of the many things that can be very detrimental to every household is water damage. Water damage happens from broken pipes, damage caused by fire, clogged drains, appliances that are not functioning well, storms, and other various causative agents. The treatment necessary relies on the nature and severity of the damage.

Some water such as those from sewage and floods is known to be carriers of contaminants and are considered harmful. No matter where this water comes from, the restoration diagnoses rely greatly on the period it will take for your building or property to dry up. It is to be noted that even clean water may produce mold and other bacteria if not given careful attention.

When there is water damage,

  • Call for professional service.
  • Ensure proper ventilation especially in areas that are wet.
  • Eliminate any standing water that may be present on flat surfaces.
  • Remove drenched carpets and rugs especially when hardwood floors are exposed to greater risk.
  • Avoid staying in rooms where rooftops and ceilings are drooping from water that has been retained.
  • Transfer appliances such as computers to a dry place. Detach the cover and blow dry.
  • Take away telephones, lamps, and other decorative pieces from soaked furniture tops.
  • Expose cabinet doors and drawers to allow drying of the interior.
  • Freeze papers and documents to stop the growth of molds and other bacteria just until drying is already possible.
  • Lay aluminum foils, wood blocks, or china saucers under furniture legs to prevent straining on carpet.
  • Attempt to turn on appliances while you have your feet on wet carpet or floors, particularly not on damp concrete floors as this may lead to serious injury.
  • Apply heat to dry closed interiors of buildings; this may lead to growth of molds and extended damage from moisture. Wet fabrics should be left in their place, and should be dried the soonest time possible.


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