What to Do Before, During, and After: FLOODS

Floods are among the many natural disasters that not only create so much destruction but also have been causing the deaths of thousands of people all over the world. How exactly can you prepare yourself before, during, and after a flood?

  • Prepare an emergency kit, communicate well with every member of your family, and devise a plan that will save you from the great peril that floods bring.
  • Stay away from the idea of building your home in a flat surface.
  • Position your water heater, furnace, and electric panel in an elevated manner.
  • Determine techniques or procedures to stop flood water from coming up into your home drainage.
  • Build barriers to prevent flood from going inside the building.
  • Stay at home or in any place where your safety is guaranteed.
  • Listen to the news over the television or radio.
  • Be ready for any flash flood occurrences. As much as possible, proceed right away to a higher ground.
  • Increase your awareness with regards to areas that are prone to floods. Drainage, streams, and canyons are among these areas that are at risk of flooding.
If you really need to evacuate, never fail to do the following:
  • Secure the furniture by transferring important items to the upper part of the house.
  • Turn off the main switch.
  • Unplug all electrical appliances. Refrain from touching any electrical equipment when you are wet.
Prior to evacuation, remember the following:
  • Avoid walking in moving water.
  • Avoid driving in flooded areas.
  • Avoid parking your car or vehicle near rivers, creeks, or streams.
  • Obtain information and advice from warning systems and local alerts.
  • Stay away from moving water and damaged areas.
  • Go back home only when it is already safe.
  • Avoid walking or driving in places or areas that have been flooded.
  • Go back home only when it is already safe.
  • When entering any form infrastructures – a house or a building – practice caution since there might be some unseen damages.


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