What Your Insurance Company Can Do to Your Water Damage

Water damage can be very costly. Aside from spending on repairs, you will also get to suffer the discomfort that water damage may bring to you. Repair can be very time-consuming. On the contrary, if you do seek immediate way to repair water damage, the problem can become worse.

It must be noted that not all homeowner’s insurance policies cover all forms of water damage. For instance, there may be some policies that will not cover the damages brought about by water leaks or septic tank reserves. Companies may likewise need thorough inspections and certifications consequently after certain forms of water damage are remedied. It is essentially recommended that you equip yourself with knowledge pertaining to policy. Gain a better understanding of what is included or covered by your policy as well as the dollar limits.

Every time you experience water damage, it is best to impede the flow of water the soonest time possible. Eliminate standing water and start drying the place to avoid further damage. If you fail to eradicate the water and dry the place fast, consider the option of contacting a company that offers water extraction services. Keep all receipts that you have from the service acquired. You will be using them to present to your insurance company so that you will be given the refund.

Whenever there is water damage, transfer all wet items to a dry and well-ventilated place. Remove all wet rugs and soaked carpeting right away. If there is a need for you to transfer some items outdoors, put them in a safe place to keep them from being stolen.

If you have a water damage claim, inform your insurance company immediately. Most insurance companies will require you to let them know in writing hence make a follow up by writing a notice. Include all facts that are related to the claim. 

If you wish to process claims smoothly, follow these tips:
  1. Go over your policy to be certain that you fully understand what losses will be included in the coverage and those that will be not be included by your insurance policy. If you are in doubt, inquire from your insurance company representative or ask your agent for an explanation.
  2. Prepare your policy number. You will need this to call or write your insurance company. Be ready to answer queries about the extent of water damage.
  3. Prior to making repairs, take pictures of the areas that have been damaged. Document your losses, particularly when you clean up or repair the damages.
  4. Do not discard damaged materials until they are seen by your insurance adjuster.
  5. Make reasonable repairs to protect your property from additional damage. Do not make any permanent repairs until you are given instruction by your insurance company.
  6. Keep all your receipts of expenses.
  7. Keep records of everyone you have spoken with during your visit to your insurance company. Remember the date, the time, and the name of the person, as well as the description of the discussion. Keep copies of all letters and documents that you receive and send to and from your company.
Most insurance companies respond quickly. In a matter of one day, you will be receiving your claims. Generally, insurance companies begin investigating your claim 15 days after they have received your written notice. They may ask for more information from you and the company will have another 15 days to either accept or reject your claim.

If the company agrees to pay for the damages, this will be done within 5 business days. On the contrary, if the company disapproves your claim, it will provide you with an explanation in writing. If you have water leaks, the company will make sure that you have completely shut off the water and have someone called to fix the leak.


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