Why Flood Happens

Why do floods happen? This is one of the most commonly asked questions. However, this question comes with innumerable answers. The reality is that floods are exceptionally unpredictable. Flooding is a result of series of events and various causative factors.

The various causes of flooding may be classified into two: natural causes and man-made causes. Most often than not, floods occur from the combination of these two causes. Regardless of the irregularity of floods, it is essential for homeowners to know about its causative factors so they can measure how floods can impact them.

Natural Causes of Flooding

In general, floods are natural outcomes of weather conditions and are closely related to the rainy or monsoon season, which take along a greater volume of rainfall. Different localities experience this period in different months.

Floods can take place either because of unceasing heavy rainfall or because of the movement of water from the highlands. Heavy rainfall can cause to flow more water into bodies of water and other natural pathways causing water to overflow into the bordering land.

Man-made Causes of Flooding

Humans may be held accountable for the different causes of flooding. They contribute to flood by blocking the pathway of water due to their faulty actions. One way by which humans block the flow of blood is by cutting down the many trees from the mountains, reducing the expanse of vegetation, and constructing homes near coastal areas. Urbanization is also another cause of flood. Dam breakdowns due to poor construction and engineering are also said to contribute a lot to flooding.


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