Water Damage and care for the attic

In any of the parts, and all of the House may be water damage and they can run havoc in places mostly ignored as well as in the attic. The Loft is situated in the upper part of the House just under the roof. Fills in the spaces between the ceiling and the slanted roof. Some attic shall be adopted as a bedroom and some are like a Home Office with windows and staircases, but most of the time the attic is used for storing things, which are not needed, and this is one of the most neglected part of your home.

The Loft can also be obtained of great damage, especially during the great storm and the level of moisture in the attic changes or when the leak in the pipes or the spots on the wall. When this occurs, followed by the major damage. The need to clean up the mess caused by water damage should be remedied.

With the soil requires ventilation. Should be installed on top of the roof. Moisture and surface discoloration found within the ventilation is a red flag. Browse to the location of the problem of humidity and clean it. Any indication that the debris near the hole, or even bird's nest should be removed at once. Make sure that there is adequate ventilation in the attic, and even in the crawl.

In the prevention and maintenance of the water, it is also necessary to check the insulation. An indication of the good operational isolation is when it is still soft, thick and fluffy. The main task of an insulator is to keep heat from escaping and condensation. If the insulation damp, better search for causes of moisture and repair, especially in the rainy season, when the uneven temperature gets into the attic and could cause an insulator with a bath. When the insulation damp, better get rid of it, given that they may determine the level of moisture higher than usual.

Water damage inspection should include inspection of the ceiling and the floor. Look around water pipes, chimneys, vents and roof window, if any, the formation of mold or if this starts to rot. Also check the water damage on the underside of the roof sheathing and rafters and if there are visible signs of spots.

Water can easily pass through the lattice, the floor of the attic rafters or floor so should review if there are visible signs of dampness is impossible.

Do the regular maintenance and control in the attic the swamp coolers, air conditioning and heating, ventilation and cooling. This device may also be the cause of the damage caused by water and by normal examination of the listed items, the damage may be lower.

Recessed light cans would also help indicate whether water damage to build up in the attic. If there are stains on wood or insulation around the cans is wet, or has spots, this is proof that the moisture is present.


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