Frequently Asked Questions: Water Damage Remediation

You come home and you find your floor is filled with water. You identify the source and cease the leak. Then you grab your wet/dry Hoover and suck up all the excess water. There's still a few damp area and it smells kind of musty so you open the window and will nature take its work. In your mind your Do-it-Yourself attitude saved you a ton of money. Case closed.
The Do-it-Yourself attitude is admirable and the laudable hallmark of American culture but such attitude can show to be, as in this case, misguided and have potential long term health and financial consequences.

Issue1: Using a wet/dry Hoover to extract the water
Problem1: This extraction usually does not extract all the moisture from the affected area
Why this matters to you1: The remaining water can promote structural decay and be a catalyst for mold.

Issue2: Opening widow to dry naturally
Problem2: In hot, humid regions, such as FL, the sweltering heat can actually prevent evaporation
Why this matters to you2: This prevents drying and is an IDEAL condition for accelerated mold growth.

Issue3: Employing Do-it-Yourself to save money
Problem3: In plenty of cases, the honorable and honest Do-it-Yourself attempt ends up costing more money
Why this matters to you3: Losing money is bad no matter the way you look at it. The potential savings can be offset by having to redo the work and the necessity for special equipment that is used time.

Why ought to I care about Mold?
It is well established that exposure to positive types of mold are widely known to have serious health effects in humans. It is definitely not in the interest of somebody to be exposed to mold.

So how am I able to get rid of this water and save money?
The best way of getting rid of water damage, stopping or eliminating exposure to mold, and saving money is by hiring a professional water damage restoration company. An independent, professional water damage restoration company is professionally trained and intra-industry certified to thoroughly and professionally handle all aspects of structural drying, odor control, mold handling and removal, and other relevant water damage restoration considerations. More importantly, in plenty of cases, such services can be completed at NO or tiny cost to the property owner using methods including direct insurance billing.

OK, so I'll hire a carpet cleaning company to get rid of my water.
This is a logical step as the typical carpet cleaner will have access to better commercial vacuum equipment than the homeowner but this logic fails in main areas, cost and ability. Trying to save money by hiring a carpet cleaner can have negative budgetary impact depending on the company used and time involved. While plenty of carpet cleaners are exceptional at their trade and are, usually, worth every penny, carpet cleaners have no idea how to remove water from walls, monitor and control ambient moisture, and other such concerns of a professional water damage remediation company.

So why pay out of pocket and do the work yourself when the professionals can do the work for you at tiny to no cost? It is a no brainer.


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