Do It Yourself Fire Restoration and Water Restoration Is Not Recommended

This is explained in more detail below Many homeowners who are confronted with water or fire damage often try to take up restoration efforts on their own. Though it might seem like a great idea at the beginning, one will often find that fire restoration and water restoration is actually quite difficult once they have begun.
They will be found wanting in terms of technical expertise and will secondly be shorthanded when it comes to quality equipment that will be necessary to carry out fire restoration and water restoration. Homeowners will often find themselves lacking in two different aspects.

Technical aspects of fire and water restoration that might not be common knowledge,
Protein smoke and a few others there are different types of smoke such as fuel oil smoke. A homeowner might carry out an incomplete restoration process where the odor of smoke will be temporarily eliminated. Parts of the house that never came in contact with the fire can still be affected by the smoke emitted from the fire when it comes to fire damage. It can however come back after a few weeks and will require another restoration effort to be carried out Each type of smoke will have to be treated with different compositions of chemicals if the odor has to be removed.
  • If there is standing water, the water will start to evaporate and turn into moisture that will start to be absorbed by porous construction materials such as ceilings, carpets etc. Dehumidifiers and blowers that will rid the property of potentially damaging moistur they will then use a range of equipment such as water pumpse Water restoration is also equally tricky in the sense that parts of the house untouched by water can still be damaged from the moisture released by the stagnated water. A water restoration company will use hygrometers to detect moisture levels.
  • For example, ozone and other chemicals will have to be used to treat smoke odor. Fire restoration will need the use of various EPA approved chemicals. Ozone has to be handled properly and safely and the affected area will have to be isolated before fire restoration with ozone is carried out
  • When it comes to water restoration, it is not enough if the water is merely removed and the area just dried up. This source might be hard to find and only a contractor will be able to use an infrared camera to find a hidden broken pipe that cannot be seen by the naked ey in some casese The source of the water leak will have to be identified and stopped.

Hiring a water and fire restoration company is always a good idea as they can also do a very good job in assisting you with the insurance claims proces in addition to the above pointss.


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