Fire hazard

Fire hazard occurs when three elements into one. these elements is an acid, the material already on fire and heat. Without oxygen, combustion can not occur, no combustible materials can not be a fire, and fire without the heat also will not arise.

Fire events are a great reaction of the combustible substance with oxygen. The chemical reaction that occurs is a hot issue. In some substances, such reactions may occur at ordinary temperatures. but in general the reaction is very slow and the heat generated is lost to the surroundings.

At first the amount of heat generated is small and only slightly more produced. Temperature rises above the fuel result in a fire. In order to place the flame, the substance must provide steam or gas that can burn. If this is not the case, the combustion takes place without flame.
Danger - a common fire hazards are as follows:
  1. Smoking.
  2. Flammable liquids.
  3. Open flames.
  4. Poor housekeeping
  5. The machines are not maintained and becomes hot.
  6. Electrical cables.
  7. Static electricity.
  8. Welding tools.
Some industries such as chemical industry, petroleum and paint are very vulnerable in light of the fire.


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