How to Prevent Burn Injury

Serious burns is painful and usually more serious than it seems. The body burns showed no protection against germs and infection and slow recovery.
Construction work involving the state without high protection against a variety of disorders burns. Here are some examples to think about and avoid:
  1. Do not wear clothing that becomes wet with ole and fat.
  2. At the time of working around the spark, keep buttoned pockets, avoid wearing cufflinks, and let the pants cover the top of the shoe.
  3. Never use oxygen to blow the dust from the skin or clothing. If there is oil on clothing, oxygen can cause immediate ignition, or a high percentage of oxygen that can slow the fabric and then the smallest spark ignited.
  4. NEVER refuel every machine being turned on or when the surrounding parts of the heat.
    At the time of working with or near equipment that is running, note the parts that are hot. Overheating of the tool caused by a clogged radiator is the usual dust on construction, then avoid burns due to the fluid by allowing the tool to cool down before trying to open the radiator cover.
  5. REMEMBER - radiator can be cool while the engine cooling water still contains very hot. Never open the radiator cover unless you have been instructed on how to do it correctly and the machine has been turned off for the time required.
    The time lost while waiting until the engine cools always less than the time lost while waiting for the wounds to be healed.

    There are many chemical products used in construction work which can cause serious burns and skin diseases.

    ALWAYS read the instructions and follow all safety precautions when working with any chemical product.
    If the clothes caught fire, this is serious!

    On average, twice as much body surface burned the dead tend to be four times.
    To extinguish the burning clothing, and scroll quickly drop to the ground.
    Treat minor burns primarily to cold water. Take care of major burns with a sterile cloth and dry.
    Be prepared to treat the victim for shock and get professional medical help.

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    • Does the child know where the gathering of fire-extinguishing ?


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