Cleaning Filter (Back Washing)

Definition of 'backwash' in water treatment is to reverse the direction of entry of water into the tube water filter.
In normal conditions the water entering from the Raw Water Inlet (for a vertical type filter) and then exit through the filter media becomes Water Processed Results (Ready Mix).

With the passage of time and because the use of filters, filter media will be soiled by dirt. Impurities from the water is trapped in the filter and must be cleaned so that water quality can remain on guard.

To restore the original condition of the filter as necessary to clean / wash the filter media on a regular basis.

This process is called 'backwashing' that is to wash the filter media without having to remove the tube from the filter media.

Back Washing Procedure:
  1. Position all the valve (see picture) so that water enters through the bottom of the filter (Media Flushing Inlet) to the top of the filter.
  2. Open the drain valve.
  3. Turn on the pump to activate the process of backwashing during + / - 25 minutes.
  4. Rinsing step (Rinse):
    Reposition the valve so that water flows from the filter (like a normal filter position).
  5. Open the drain cock under the water.
  6. Turn on the pump for + / - 25 minutes, to do the flushing.
    Repeat the process of backwashing and rinsing until the water coming out of the filter is completely clean.
  7. finishing:
    Position the valve back as they are for normal water filtration process.


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