Do this If There's Fire!

All the small fires at first, but with the right conditions, fires can spread uncontrollably in just a few minutes. After developing the construction work, building supplies, waste, and the goods are stacked flammable, increase the likelihood of a fire.

If you know of a fire, sound the alarm immediately so that someone can call the Fire Officer. Then estimate the situation with alarm. If the fire seems to be small enough to be overcome with a fire extinguisher available, do it. Make sure you know the right extinguisher for the fire due to power failure or because of gasoline. Do not underestimate the danger. If you are not sure can handle it, leave it to trained workers.

Toes to help. If the fire can not be controlled, warn everyone so they can leave the area. This is very important in building fires. Then be prepared to show the firefighters when they arrived. When you secure them, can be used to control fires early.

However, do not take part extinguish the fire, unless your supervisor or ask your firefighters do. This is not because you do not help would be appreciated, but you should just let the experienced people who handle it.
Let us repeat the steps taken after the discovery of fire:
  1. Ring the alarm.
  2. Assess the situation with caution.
  • Extinguish the fire if it is still small. If not, leave it to the firefighters.
  • Warn others in the land
  • Toes to direct firefighters when they arrived.
  • Help put out the fire only if you are asked to do so.

No other important things. Know how the alarm and where the location of fire extinguishers. This knowledge can save lives with the right and YOU


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