Handling of Electrical Burns

Electrical burns can occur in our workplaces and in our home environment. Therefore we need to know how to handle the event of electrical burns.
Burns will occur when there is electricity that enters the body of the victim. Usually the most obvious signs can we look at the electrical entry and exit. But we can also look for signs of damage inside. By knowing where the signs and symptoms and the power goes out then we can anticipate about any injuries that might occur, how severe the condition of the victim and whether there will be shock.

A person who is experiencing an electric shock may be breathing and his heart will soon stop. When the electricity goes into the victim's body so he will experience power failures that lead to heart the heart and lungs stop even with low voltage.
If the victim is unconscious, you are the most important goal after the place was safe, is open and clear the airway. Immediately see whether the victim is breathing and watch for signs of circulation.

Handling of Electrical Burns
  • Before touching the victim you have to make sure that your environment is secure and the power source has been broken.
  • Immediately give water to flow on the flow in and out on the victim's body to provide cooling.
  • Immediately use a hand bag if available, provide a sterile dressing and bandage clean and use a type that is not a lot of threads apart to prevent infection
  • Provide support to victims and treat shock.


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