Water Restoration Glossary - K

The following glossary contains terms used commonly in the Water Restoration Services to describe the characteristics.

Kalamein Door
A Kalamein door is basically a fire door of composite make, usually with a wooden core and sheeted with galvanized metal sheets or plates. Sometimes, Kalamein doors are layered with panels of sheetrock or asbestos for more fire-retardant properties.

Also called Aluminum Silicate Hydroxide, kaolinite is clay produced from weathered feldspar. These are common in clays from various locations like China where its name comes from. Kaolinite is used in making paint, rubber, ceramic, plastics and the glossy layer on magazines.

Katabatic Wind
The wind blowing down a mountain slope is called katabatic wind.

Key Watershed
A key watershed is defined by fish biologists from the National Forest and Bureau of Land Management District as a watershed containing potentially threatened fish. It can also refer to a watershed that is greater that six square miles that contains fish and water habitats of high quality. Key watersheds are protected and immediate restoration work is performed if habitats are threatened.

Kick Plates
Plates attached to the bottom portion of a door that can resist bumps, blows and scratches are called kick plates. These are usually made of metal sheets, but any durable material can also be used.

Kiln-Dried Wood or Timber
A kiln is an oven, a furnace, or a heated chamber that is used to dry and harden wood or timber. Wood or timber with their drying process artificially accelerated through this method is called kiln-dried. Kiln drying can cut down the drying time required by wood manufacturers.

Kinetic Energy
Kinetic energy refers to the resultant energy of an object caused by movement or temperature.

Knick Knack
Also called bric-a-bracs, whatnots, dust collectors, and stuff, knick knacks refer to small items that an individual collects and displays on a shelf as decoration. In flood or sewage damage cases, knick-knacks that were contaminated are usually discarded, unless the item has some significant intrinsic value to the owner.


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