How to Prevent Fire Damage in the Office

The average office presents all kinds of fire damage hazards. Learn fire escape routes and how to activate the fire alarm, become familiar with stairway exits, and practice fire drills on a regular basis Preparedness is a key feature. However, there are many ways to fire-proof your office and prevent damage from happening even if your budget does not allow hiring a professional to fire-proof the office.

Many office fires start as a result of electricity malfunction or misuse. A well maintained electrical system provides maximum safety and is an important step in fire prevention.
  • Avoid overloading electrical outlets. The best method is to assure a sufficient number of outlets. That will also help in minimizing the need for extension cords, reducing fire hazards.
  • If you must use an extension cord, never run it across walkways due to the potential tripping hazard. If you must run a cord across a walkway, tape it to the floor.
  • Is it very unsafe to use poor quality, non-approved office appliances such as coffee makers, copiers, and even computers. Defective appliances have a higher chance of developing electrical shorts leading to shock hazards and fires.

Heat-generating equipment such as copiers, space heaters, coffee makers and hot plates are often overlooked as a potential fire hazard. Keep them away from anything that might catch fire.
Store combustible material, such as paper, properly. Make sure they are not overly stacked up. Install sprinklers and fire detectors in the storage area. It is recommended to locate storage areas away from heat sources.

Gas is very dangerous as it can be ignited easily. If you smell gas then there is probably a leak. Call the gas company to investigate. If you store flammable materials, be sure to seal them properly to prevent vaporizing.

Install smoke detectors and maintain them frequently. Be sure to test detectors and replace batteries as required. Remember, smoke detectors are your first line of defense.

It is recommended to install sprinklers to fight fire immediately as it starts. Extinguishers are another important tool for fire fighting. Purchase and maintain a sufficient number of extinguishers and make sure that everyone who works in your office knows where the extinguishers are installed and how to operate them.


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