Design for Flooding Architecture, Landscape, and Urban Design for Resilience to Climate Change

The complete guide to planning and design for water sustainability, as well as flooding and natural disasters

Architects, urban planners, and urban designers, as well as water resources engineers and landscape architects will discover that Design for Flooding presents the best practices and lessons to create buildings and communities that are more resilient in the face of severe weather, climate change, and the prospect of rising sea level.

Design for Flooding covers technical and institutional issues—along with new design and business opportunities—built upon:
  • Fundamentals of climate and weather, stormwater and floodplain management
  • Best practices of flood-resistant design and adaption to sea level rise
  • Multidisciplinary design that integrates sound ecological and engineering principles
  • Innovative design and construction to protect and improve water security
"Design for Flooding defines the need and opportunity for planners, architects, landscape architects, engineers, and conservation biologists to work together to develop the mix of inland and coastal flooding solutions required for a comprehensive response to climate change."
—From the Foreword by Daniel Williams, FAIA, author of Sustainable Design: Ecology, Architecture, and Planning

"Design for Flooding should be a major tool for the design professions, for public agencies, and for civic activists, indeed for everyone who wishes to bring a genuinely 'intelligent' design for water to their communities. It is a call to action and demonstrates that we have the knowledge, the tools, and the capability to better manage the water system on which we depend."
—From the Foreword by Carol Franklin, FASLA

A portfolio of award-winning designs illustrates practical and visionary projects to prepare for a resilient future, including:
  • A case study of Climate's Long-term Impacts on Metro Boston (CLIMB) analyzes four alternatives to prepare for climate change
  • A design charrette sponsored by The Regional Plan Association of New York illustrates creative concepts for waterfront revitalization and flood protection
  • Lessons from the Netherlands, Japan, and the United States indicate the effectiveness of long-term preparedness planning combined with phased mitigation and renewal projects
  • Examples include renovations and small buildings, showing how every project at any scale is a design opportunity to increase the sustainability and resilience of our communities, water, and ecosystem services
Design for Flooding Architecture, Landscape, and Urban Design for Resilience to Climate Change
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