Psychometrics in Water Damage Restoration

Over the past ten years, water extraction has become more of a science that an art. As technology continues to progress, water damage restoration has also continued to advance. The various technologies that water extraction companies use in repairs of water damage are rooted on the science of psychometrics, a field of engineering that is mainly concerned with identifying thermodynamic and physical properties of gas-vapor mixtures. In water extraction, it includes the use of proper air flow. The more air going to the wet area, the greater the chance of being able to completely dry out the area thus preventing further damage.

By utilizing psychometrics, it will be possible to keep certain that airflow, humidity levels, and temperature are maintained at optimum conditions. When employing psychometrics, any wet structures can be entirely dried in 3 to 4 days’ time. This is realistically made possible through the use of appropriate equipment to develop an air vortex that absorbs moistures from mechanical materials.

Another technological advancement in water extraction is water detection. New technologies permit accurate detection of water intrusion by using non-invasive measures to identify and extract the water rather than drilling holes.

Technological advancement have also permitted water extraction companies to easily find, extract, and tidy up water from ceilings, walls, floors, and places where it can flow with minor to no damage to the structure.


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