What to Do Before, During, and After: EARTHQUAKE

Without a doubt, the number of earthquakes happening all throughout the world is increasing. By knowing what to do before, during, and after an earthquake, you can completely protect not just yourself but also your family.


Earthquakes hit in a sudden and violent way. At times, earthquakes hit without any prior warning. Being able to determine potential risks and plan in advance can diminish incidents of critical injuries or deaths. Fixing cracks in any part of the house or building will also aid in lessening the effect of earthquakes.

Advance Planning Procedures:
  • Keep an eye on potential hazards in your home.
  • Locate places in your home where you can be safe during an earthquake.
  • Instruct members of your family on what to do particularly during and after earthquake.
  • Prepare all necessary supplies that you will need such as first aid kit, medicines, cash, credit cards, radio, flashlight, food, and water.
  • Design an emergency communication scheme.
  • Be of help in your community by informing people of local emergency phone numbers.

Keep yourself safe during awake. Bear in mind that most earthquakes render aftershocks. Go to a safe place near you or simply stay inside your home until the shaking stops.

If indoors:  
  • Duck, cover and hold. Duck by dropping to the ground. Cover yourself by hiding under a strong table or furniture. Hold until the shaking comes to a halt. In the absence of tables or furniture, just cover your head and face using your arms.
  • Avoid staying near windows, glass, walls, or any object that has the tendency to fall.
  • When you are lying on the bed, stay put and by the use of a pillow, do protect your head.
  • Refrain from moving out of the house when there is still shaking.
  • Keep out from elevators.
If outdoors:
  • Stay where you are and slowly move away from streetlights, utility wires, and buildings.
  • Avoid running when there is still shaking to prevent getting hit by falling debris.
If in a mobile vehicle:
  • Stay in the vehicle and do not move. Keep away from trees, utility wires, buildings, and overpasses.
  • As soon as the earthquake stops, proceed cautiously.
  • If stuck under debris:
  • Don’t move.
  • Don’t light a match.
  • Use a whistle or shout for help.
  • Inspect your body for any injuries.
  • Keep yourself from any danger that may transpire after an earthquake.
  • Help other people who sustained injury or got trapped in a building, car, or other infrastructures.
  • Search for any fire extinguisher. Put out fires as fast as you can to prevent them from causing further damage.
  • Clean up spilled flammable liquids.
  • Keep yourself updated regarding emergency information.
  • Duck, cover, and hold every time aftershocks occur.
  • Stay away from damaged buildings.
  • Refrain from using any objects that may ignite flammables.
  • Examine chimneys, walls, doors, floors, windows, and staircases
  • Inspect any trace of gas leaks.


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