How to protect yourself from Hurricane Floods

Here is how you can minimize the possibility of floods causing destruction to your home or business
  1. Understand that every hurricane is not the same and do not take any chances. Make a list of the outdoor things that you need to bring inside, like the yard tools or the furniture sitting outside.
  2. Trim the trees and cut off the branches that may give away.
  3. Clean the gutters and drainage to prevent water clogging after heavy rains that accompany hurricanes.
  4. It is important to install hurricane shutters on the doors and windows. This is a safe and better alternative compared to sticking tape to the glass, which cannot guarantee that the windows will not break. You can protect the external part of the windows with plywood or shutters.
  5. Pile up disaster supplies like a battery-operated radio flashlights and extra batteries,, a first aid kit, a handheld can opener emergency food and water in case, you have to remain confined to one place.
  6. Make an evacuation plan, check with the local management office or Red Cross for information on which can be the safest evacuation route or location.
  7. You cannot neglect your pets, hence it is better to find out which is the best way to protect them. If possible, send them over to another place in advance.
  8. It is a good practice to store potable water in jugs, bottles, cooking utensils and clean bathtubs.
  9. If you want food to remain in the fridge for a long period of time, turn the refrigerator setting to the coldest. The air inside will remain cool for a longer period of time, even after the electricity goes off.
  10. If you are in a place that is at risk of hurricanes, it is better to consider having your home in an elevated place. It is better to spend a little more money and make your home hurricane proof.
  11. If you are already staying in a hurricane zone and there is a threat, it is better to move things including the furniture to a higher ground so as to prevent damage from the floods.
  12. Invest in flood insurance, because the homeowner policy usually does not offer cover for floods caused by hurricanes.
  13. Make a plan with your family members to move to another place, possibly that of a relative or friend who lives in a safer place, outside of the town or state. Converse with that person on a regular basis during the floods, if possible, so that they can guide you to come to their place through a shortcut.


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