Successful Flood Restoration Of Electric Items

Undertaking flood restoration in your home or business property can be an upsetting process following flooding. Here we provide five steps to electrical goods flood restoration which should help you stay safe and get your items working again However, in their haste many will overlook the importance of following the right procedures regarding electrical goods. It is understandable that our instinct is to begin the clearing up process as soon as possible, with the aim of returning the property to its original state.

Dealing with the power
When you have water and electricity in the same environment there is always a risk; meaning it is very important to turn off electric before moving anything. Therefore turn off the electrics at the mains to stop all power to the property. Now switch off the electrical item at the socket and remove the plug.

Remove from effected room
Your second step should be to take the electrical item from the flooded room and place it somewhere that is dry. You could place the item outside in the garden for a period of time if the weather is dry. Ensure you get help lifting any heavy items such as washing machines.

Starting the drying process
The first step of the drying process is to soak up any excess water that is present around the top and sides of the item using a towel. Also try to dry the bottom of the item thoroughly as this area will usually be the wettest.

Creating ventilation
If it is possible to remove control panels and fascias without having to completely take the item apart then do so. By doing this you create the opportunity for air to flow through the item, which will speed up the flood restoration process. You should now place a fan so that it blows air into the inside of the item, repositioning it every 30 minutes or so to ensure that every nook and cranny is dried.

Leave it to nature
So the last stage of the flood restoration process is to stay strong against the temptation to turn the item on and leave it as long as you possibly can, before checking to see if it still works So if your items were not switched on when the flooding occurred there is a realistic chance that they will still be in working order. The biggest risk to the item occurs when you turn it on before it has fully dried, which can lead to an electrical malfunction. Most electrical items will not be damaged by water unless they are switched on.


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