Water Restoration Glossary - J

The following glossary contains terms used commonly in the Water Restoration Services to describe the characteristics.

A janitor is the term given to describe a professional cleaning person in a particular facility.

Jack Rafter
A jack rafter refers the part of the common rafter that is shorter than the usual length of the main rafters and is used for framing a hip rafter, a valley rafter or both.

A job refers to the work done to facilitate fire, flood, sewage, smoke and water damage restoration following the foundation and basic principles of proper restoration practices, rules and regulations. In performing a job, carelessness is never acceptable and common sense should be applied at all times.

Job Hazard Analysis
Job-related injuries and fatalities occur every day in the workplace, particularly in fire, flood, and water damage restoration. One possible reason for such injuries is that the worker is not well trained in the proper job procedure. A job hazard analysis of a particular project identifies hazards, corrective actions, required safety equipment and the training necessary to ensure employee and public safety.

Job Scope
The job scope refers to the restoration work, the procedures to be followed, and the safety and precautionary measures to be observed when performing fire, flood, sewage, smoke and water damage restoration of homes, buildings and other structures including their contents. The basic guidelines and steps involved in a job scope include:
  • Loss assessment and evaluation
  • Consideration of the structure and contents
  • Categorization of damage (water, fire, smoke, sewage, etc.)
  • Principles of drying
  • Monitoring
  • Final inspection and completion
A joist, used in structural terms, refers the horizontal or parallel beams or bars of timber, metal or concrete that run from wall to wall, beam to wall, or beam to beam to support ceiling rafters, roofs or floors. A beam is bigger and distinct from a joist. Usually, joists are supported by beams. A bandsill is another term for joist used in the construction industry, and is a term used by southeast US home inspectors.

Jump Spot
A jump spot is a selected area in a wildland where smokejumpers in parachutes land to combat a raging wildfire. Smokejumpers are often sent to areas that are extremely remote and aim to reach a wildfire while it is still relatively small and easier to contain.

Jump Suit
A jump suit is a certified and approved protective coverall gear worn by smokejumpers when parachuting into a wildland jump spot.


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