How to Educating Children about Fire Dangers

Parents are encouraged to begin educating their children at an early age on the dangers of playing with or around fire. Doing so is designed to discourage hazardous behavior in the future. Some of the statistics involved are frightening.

Children should have fire safety instruction drilled into them early on. Young children should be supervised, and any child caught playing with matches or other dangerous materials should be watched even more closely. Instruct children to tell you when they find lighters or matches and don't be afraid to snoop for such materials in your child's room. Remember, they will almost always indulge in this behavior when they know you aren't looking.

In the home, children typically play with fire in their rooms, closets, under beds. Not only are there many flammable objects in these places, but the fire may not be discovered until the room is engulfed in flames.

Educating Children about Fire Dangers
Make sure children know that fire can injure and kill. It may be the one thing that saves their lives. Also, just so your children become familiar with the sound of i set off smoke or fire alarms on a regular basist They should know the drill and be able to execute their part in it.

For the worst case scenario, instruct children on the procedure known as "stop, drop, and roll". Describe what's going on, children should know how to dial 911, and be able to give your home address. Children may not have the greatest judgment, but they do have a self preservation instinct. Have a fire escape plan for your family and include the children in the process. Practice the drill regularly. This cannot be repeated often enough.

Providing the proper information and education may be just what it takes to protect your kids from the dangers of fire in the home.


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