Water Damage Restoration is a Must

Water damage is one of the most dreaded problems of homeowners. Snow melts or heavy rains increase the risk of water damage. Water damage can take so much of your time and money especially when it damages your wood furniture, electronics, appliances, upholstery, or plumbing equipment. Water damage can also escalate the growth of molds. If this happens, this will create another additional expenditures.

Getting the service of a water damage restoration company can quicken the cleanup time and make it a lot easier to manage since these companies hire experienced workers who work best in doing repairs and replacing damaged items.

Causes of Water Damage

Water damage can be brought about by various causes – broken dishwasher hoses, broken pipes, leaky pipes. clogged toilets, leaky dishwashers, and cracks. Heavy rain, snow, and floods can result to water in basements. Excessive water can lead to destruction of businesses and homes. Starting the clean up process right away increases possibility of saving water soaked carpets, furniture, clothing, rugs, and other things.

Categories of Water Damage

Evaluating the severity of water damage is essential in determining what is necessary to begin water damage repair and water extraction. There are various categories designated to water damage.
  • Category 1 pertains to clean water that does not entail danger or threat to people. Potential cause of damage in category 1 includes sink overflows or broken appliances. 
  • Category 2 is also known as gray water (contaminated water may result to illnesses). This kind of water is made up of microorganisms. Potential cause of damage in category 2 includes broken sump pumps, seepage, and broken toilets. 
  • Category 3 is also known as black water. This form of water is unsanitary as it is made up of organisms and other bacteria that can cause illnesses. Potential cause of water damage from black water includes contamination of standing water and sewage problems.
There are also various kinds of water damage. The class of damage is significant when evaluating water damage repair selections.
  • Class 1 does not cause much damage. Materials take in very little water from this form of damage. Water damage repair is considered to be the easiest process in this kind of situation. 
  • In class 2, water evaporates fast. This means that cushions and carpets may be damaged. Water damage repair is tedious in class 2 damage. 
  • Fastest rate of evaporation occurs in class 3. In this case, the water is coming from sprinklers or other sources such as soaked walls and furniture. 
  • Class 4 needs water removal procedures and special water restoration. This form of damage may affect plaster, concrete, and hardwood floors.
Restoration Process

The water damage restoration process is a vital one. With the use of right methods and materials can be a big help to people in saving belongings and even avert any other untoward incidents in their homes. Water damage restoration companies highly specialized in stopping the effects of water damage, yet the success of restoration depends on how severe the damage is and the amount of water that brought the damage.

Water damage restoration companies may get someone from outside to evaluate the property and identify water removal plan and water restoration. These water restoration companies generally make use of highly advanced equipment and well-documented methods to stop water damage. Water particularly in the basement sites may only need a short cleanup procedure, however water in other sites of a property will need extensive remediation. 

Health Hazards

It is essential to hire an expert water damage restoration companies the soonest time possible after water damage has happened. Wet surfaces can trigger the growth of molds and can cause serious health problems including asthma and allergy. Exposure to this kind of atmosphere may also increase the potential for respiratory illnesses and other medical problems. Cleaning up immediately can stop the ill effects of water damage.


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